About Us

Mustard Seed Dental Studio is a fixed prosthodontics laboratory with an emphasis on digital dentistry and CAD/CAM manufacturing. Founded in 2000, Mustard Seed continues to grow through forward-thinking, cutting edge, and technologically innovative dental lab practices to provide state-of-the-art lab services to local, regional and national clients.

From the very beginning, our goal has been, and continues to be, to operate our dental lab guided by truth, fairness, and the desire to benefit every person we come in contact with. We pride ourselves on the goodwill and friendships we build by treating our customers, co-workers, and others as we wish to be treated.

Why Partner with Mustard Seed?

Mustard Seed Dental Studio has the rare advantage of being both owned and operated by a CDT ceramist who is also a Prosthodontist, distinguishing us from our competitors because of our principal’s unusual, combined credentials and expertise.

  • charlotte
    Mustard Seed has been my dental lab for twelve years. They have never let me down. Their work is pure artistry, perfection in fit, with a prompt turnaround. My delivery appointments are seamless. They are easy to work with, very responsive, and excellent in the communication process. They truly are a partner in my patient care. Their work is an excellent reflection on me and makes my patients look great.
  • Dr Jason
    The last restoration that I delivered from Mustard Seed was a full gold crown on #32. Margins were beautiful. Contact required no adjustments.
  • perry
    Working with Dr. Sheen and this splendid group of folks has literally changed my practice for the better. You have a prosthodontist that is the QC over everything that goes on in this lab. Dr. Sheen was also on the faculty at MCG for many years.
  • North Augusta
    Wonderful customer service! This dentist-owned lab has excellent quality and care. They always go above and beyond.


For decades, MSDS has specialized in quality fixed prosthodontic and implant solutions to our valued customers solving their individual clinical situations.

As a technologically advanced and forward thinking dental laboratory, our technicians use the latest processes to manufacture high quality fixed dental and implant prosthodontics.